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Audit & Assurance


Our Audit Service help clients to fulfill their statutory requirements of independent examination of the company’s accounts & records to ascertain a true and fair view of Company’s financial position. The audited accounts satisfy the needs of various parties namely: the Government for tax purposes; the general public to guide in making investment decision; the financial institutions to guide them in offering financial assistance; the shareholders to ascertain the company’s performance. Our approach at Explicit Pro is to deliver quality audit that is risk based, industry specific that is tailored to our client’s operational structure and size.

Forensic accounting

With the growing complexity of the business environment, organization generally continue to experience challenges that could impede the achievement of their set objectives. Forensic Accounting Professionals are increasingly engaged to enhance processes & procedure and prevent or resolve infractions.
These services include:
• Fraud/Risk Assessment
• Fraud Examination & Investigation
• Business/Share Valuation


This service involves comprehensive investigation into the underlying operations of an entity with the objective of reviewing & analyzing the inherent risk of the entity, the management of the entity, and the market in which the entity operates. Our approach rests on determining the sustainability of the company’s business model going forward. This is far beyond verifying information received from the company data and or discussion with the company’s management. Rather, we align the assumption to the business model based on the business strategy.

Risk management

The first step in ensuring the achievement of organizational objective is to accurately identify risks that could impede its achievement; and proffer proactive measures to thwart or minimize its occurrence. Our risk management service entails risk identification, ascertainment of likelihood, and impact of occurrence, assessment of existing controls actions and how residual risks would be treated.

Internal control review

Internal control in any organization is very critical, as it ensures that policies and procedures put in place by management towards the realization of corporate objectives are not violated. It is however essential that internal controls are checked from time to time for continued reliability for the purpose for which it is set up. This service is designed to identify the gaps that may occur in the current internal control procedures and thus ensure the controls are up to date.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is daunting task that can greatly impact a business day-to-day operation. Organizations are expected to demonstrate corporate regulatory compliance and responsibility by protecting their own information, as well as that of their customers. Hefty penalties due to none compliance have made corporate regulatory compliance service a major issue for most organizations.
At Explicit Pro, our clients enjoy the expertise provided by our team in dealing with regulations and corporate regulatory commissions. Our team of consultants help identity the applicable regulations and guides you through the process of achieving compliance. We also provide insights on the regulatory process, corporate regulatory compliance requirement and regulator expectations.