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Consulting & Advisory Services


Expilicit Pro help its clients to improve service performance, by analyzing the existing organizational problems and develop improvement plans based on industry best practices.
This is done through:
• organizational change management assistance,
• process analysis, 
• operational improvement services.


We also support CEOs, CFOs, and controllers to optimize the structure of their finance functions to improve their contribution to the business. This is towards managing appropriate standards of control, efficient back office opportunities and support to the business.
Key three competing priorities:
• Maintaining compliance and control.
• Driving efficiency.
• Providing insight and challenge: This involves delivery of an effective performance management framework, understanding the key business drivers and its challenges.

We can help if:
• You are concerned about what governance standards you need to establish to align finance with the business.
• You are seeking to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the finance function.
• You are trying to align finance with the business to provide an effective performance management and challenge mechanism.


We understand the role of training, retraining and continued development of human capital resource.
Real growth and value delivery to enterprise stakeholders cannot be assured without a well trained and highly motivated workforce. Over the years we have played significant role in supporting our client quest for excellence in this regard.
Explicit Pro employs well established training tools which includes:
Practical Case Studies– highly proven practical scenarios drawn from different industries
Full Knowledge Transfer -access to our tools templates & model. Our approach to training is interactive and is based on skill transfer so that reliance on external consultant is minimized and in-house expertise is developed
Hands on Training – This is designed for those who are involved in entity’s operations on a day to day basis to gain a practical and an in-depth understanding.
Network of Facilitators – We have structured our team to include both Explicit Pro Professional and our senior technical advisers who provide consultations with our team
Facilitator Led Learning – Our Facilitator led are supplemented by pre & post learning modules to be completed by all participants.

We have access to a robust team of facilitators with vast experience that cut across all industry.


Explicit Pro will add and contribute to client’s competitive advantage by handling their non-core activities, and enable clients to focus on their core competences to enhance customer satisfaction. High cost of setting up a separate account department is eliminated.
We provide quality services, by ensuring that the accounting services is carried out by professionals with reliable accounting software, hereby bringing about a significant cost savings to clients.
Our Accounting Advisory Services include:
• Setting up the necessary books of account, advice on the necessary controls that should be in place to ensure correctness, accuracy and validity of all transactions
• Preparation of monthly management accounts in accordance with the necessary accounting standards using reliable accounting software
• Management advisory on improving the profitability position via quantitative and qualitative factors
• Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation statement
• Maintain fixed assets register for all client assets
• Review of bank charges
• Preparation of monthly payroll
• Inventory/Stock management
• Preparation of monthly Budgetary/Control Reports
• Business Plan/Feasibility Report


We are up to date with the current changes in financial reporting standards. We are resourced to provide IFRS training, conversion and implementation to clients.